Welcome 2015 – First Studio Shoot of the Year

Welcome 2015!

This is the third time in a row that we have a shoot in studio on the first day of the calendar year.

 While most people are still snuggling in bed after a night of exuberant countdown celebration, our first guest of the year, Maxime, arrive with a big and warm smile.  When her parents make the appointment for the shoot, I was informed that the family was overseas and will only be back on the evening before the shoot.  I was a little concerned that the little girl will be exhausted.  But upon  seeing her, my worry is superfluous.

A little introduction on Maxime  – she stands out among the few hundred contestants who took part in The New Age Parents photo contest and will be featured on the cover page of the Feb/March online magazine.

Taking pictures of kids can be challenging, some will frown or frozen when they stand in front of camera,  and some take forever to warm up.  Maxime and me click almost instantly, she just move to the identified spot and start posing at ease, smiling, and laughing naturally.

The most impressive part is her independence at the age of three.  Throughout the shoot, she never ask for her parents.  She just focus and engross herself completely in the shoot.

Below are some of the images taken.  Looking forward to see her on the cover page of The New Age Parents Magazine, first issue in year 2015.

Singapore Children PhotographySingapore Children PhotographySingapore Children PhotographySingapore Children PhotographySingapore Children Photography