Business Headshots

A professional business headshot is a must to make the right impression, whether it is used on your business card, bio section of your website or any form of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  A good business headshot, which represents your business and you, will tell people how serious you are about your work.   People will judge you and make opinions of you based on what they see in your headshot.

Business headshots can be taken in our professional studio, at your office or any of your preferred location.  Images taken can be viewed instantly on our computer screen for selection.  The selected images will be further enhanced to achieve the professional look.

Below are some of the business portrait taken recently.  More samples can be found under the Executive and Corporate Portrait section of our portfolio.

Please feel free to contact me through email or call +65 97608980  if you would like know more about the services.

Business HeadshotsBusiness HeadshotsBusiness Headshots