Impresario 2014 Grand Finalists Photoshoot

Had a great time doing the outdoor photo shoot with the grand finalists of Impresario 2014 over the weekend.  There are four categories of contestants, namely vocal solo (VS), vocal group (VG), original composer (OC) and dance group (DG), with 5 of them contesting for the top spot in each category. They have come a long way and I am sure all of them will put on their best show at the grand finals on 16th March to be held at Nanyang Auditorium.  For those who wish to see them in live, tickets can be purchase online at cacimpresario.  Apart from them, you will also see the performance of guest artistes, Taiwanese singer Canace Wu ( 亦帆) and the champion of the 2012 Impresario vocal solo champion Abigail Yeo.

In the mean time, you can support the contestants by voting for them.  Voting will be closed on 9th of March.