Outdoor Family Photo Session with Caleb


Outdoor family photo shoot, children, kids

Outdoor family shoot photo with Caleb by yew kwang, yewkwang photography

I don’t often do outdoor photo session for family, mainly due to the unpredictable weather.  It rains quite frequent and if not, it can be very hot and humid so that makes shooting  a lot more difficult especially if it involves kids.

This photo session was supposed to be carried out two weeks ago but it rains on that particular morning so we had to postpone it.  When I arrived slightly earlier at the location, it started drizzling but clear up after a while and by the time we start shooting, weather was cool!

The location is at Pasir Ris Park.  The last time I came here was like 20 years ago during my school days.  Everything is still pretty much the same, the road, the buildings and even the playgrounds.

Back to our main focus of the day – Caleb.   When I first saw him arriving with his parents, running in front of them towards me, I know I am going to have an easy and fun time.  He is so lively and absolutely not afraid of strangers.   I started shooting him with his parents at the playground, just to warm him up (which is not quite necessary for him!) .  There is so much ground for him to run around and he can hardly stay still, so most of the shots are candid.  The shoot was disrupted for a while due to passing shower, after which we proceed to the beach for more pictures.  While waiting for sunset, he started playing with my cameras!  The whole shoot lasted for about 2 hours and unbelievably, Caleb is still full of energy at the end of the photo session!

Outdoor family photo shoot, children, kids, family ohotoshoot, yewkwang

Outdoor family photo shoot, children, kids, family photo shoot, yewkwang