YiZhi.Michelle | Church Wedding

This is a Church Wedding I did before I left for my overseas holiday trip.  The bride Michelle was referred to me by her bridesmaid, Amanda.  I know Amanda and her sister Gwen  a few years ago when they came to my studio to shoot for their modelling portfolio.  The ceremony was held in Church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I have shot there a couple of times before and it was one of my favorite church given the amount of space I can move around and an upper deck where I can access and shoot from.  There is also sufficient natural light coming in from the windows so I can shoot without flash most of the time.   And not forgetting the beautiful stained glass windows, I loved it!

The entire ceremony lasted about an hour followed by a lunch reception.   I was surprised to see a JC classmate of mine whom I have not met for XX years (I shall not disclose how many years, you know why!)   Have also chat with Amanda’s husband Andy Wong, a bilingual host who is a former co-presenter on MediaCorp Radio Capital 95.8FM.